Covid-19 Response

Having regard to the Covid-19 pandemic, in order for people to be able to receive ‘access to justice’, it was considered prudent for the Commission to resume all of its services to the best of its ability. The Commission has sought to balance the important public service it provides with the health and safety of the public and its staff. The Commission reopened for hearings on 4 August 2020.

Some measures taken by the Commission to allay concerns in relation to the pandemic include:

  • Parties now have the option to attend physical hearings or by way of remote access using video conference facilities.

  • We have introduced new protocols for attending a Physical or Remote Hearing or CMC.

  • Individuals who arrive at the office are personally emailed the Covid-19 Protocols in advance, with staff monitoring their implementation on the day.

  • There is strict control on the number of persons attending the office at any time.

  • Only individuals that have notified the Commission in advance are allowed to enter its offices.

  • Sanitising stations and temperature screening are available at the main Reception area and on the office floor.

  • Pathways to enter and leave the building are clearly identified for adherence by all persons.

  • Perspex Screens are installed in the three hearing rooms to give additional assurances for Appeal Commissioners and members of the public when they physically attend a hearing.

  • Hearing and consultation rooms are set up for 2 metre social distancing.