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Customer Service Charter

Published: 28 February 2020
From: Tax Appeals Commission

Quality Customer Service

The provision of quality customer service is an essential element of the modern Public Service. The Tax Appeals Commission has traditionally endeavoured to offer the highest possible levels of service provision and delivery to its customers. We are committed to ensuring that a customer service ethos is embedded in everything we do and is embraced by everyone in our organisation.

The Commission employs a range of mechanisms to ensure that it can continue the process of strengthening the overall quality of our service. Our Customer Service Charter details how our commitments and service standards will be delivered and evaluated.

Our Customer Service Charter describes the service each customer is entitled to expect when dealing with the Tax Appeals Commission and our commitment to ensuring that these service levels are maintained. It provides information on service standards, customer input, complaints procedures, freedom of information as well as contact details for key areas of the department.

Quality Customer Service – As Gaeilge 

Quality Customer Service