Twitter Policy

Twitter – @IRLTaxAppeals

Twitter is used as the main social media tool of the Tax Appeals Commission. The account is managed by authorised Information Technology staff. Feedback from followers is encouraged and we try to engage where possible. The account is linked to the official Tax Appeals Commission Website account. 

What can followers expect?

  • all official Tax Appeals Commission determinations released will be announced via Twitter in addition to normal distribution channels 
  • alerts about new content on our website and links to official publications relating to the work of the Tax Appeals Commission will be announced via Twitter 
  • retweets of third party accounts are not endorsements of an opinion or comment.
  • the official account will follow other government agencies and accounts followed by the Tax Appeals Commission target audience. If you follow us we don’t necessarily follow you 
  • failure to engage should not be viewed as a refusal to comment on a particular issue. The Tax Appeals Commission also takes no responsibility for any breakdown in the Twitter system 
  • abusive or spam tweets will result in followers being blocked and reported directly to Twitter